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SANGADO Irresistible Perfume for Men, 8-10 hours long-Lasting, Luxury smelling, Oriental Fougere, Fine French Essences, Extra-Concentrated (Eau de Parfum), Sensual, Ideal Gift for Men, 50 ml Spray

79,03 zl
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  • TOP QUALITY FRENCH PERFUME ESSENCES. Our fragrances are based on premium French perfume oils. Such oils have a rich composition, exceptional depth and longevity and smell beautiful and refined as they unfold in time.
  • WILL LAST THROUGH THE DAY. We use highly concentrated quality ingredients. Our fragrances for her are class PARFUM and for him EAU DE PARFUM. Our premium essential oils will be felt long hours on the skin and around you. Normally our fragrances have 8-10-hour lasting power. However please note that the lasting power of a fragrance is highly dependent on the type of the particular fragrance (for example, fresh and fruity fragrances are less long-lasting due to their nature).
  • LUXURY SMELLING ORIENTAL FOUGERE PERFUME with main notes of vanilla, lavender, mint. Feels vigorous, sensual, mesmerizing.
  • GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY. We focus on the quality ingredients inside the bottle. We offer you top quality at a modest price. How do we manage in reality to give you such a bargain? We do not pay for marketing, expensive advertising, distribution and licences. We pay no fancy packaging and expensive location rent. We use standardized and plain package for our lineups (both the box and the bottle). Additionally, our perfumes have been packaged in a low-cost location in the EU. Pay less and get great value for your money!
  • A GREAT GIFT FOR MEN. No matter the occasion, this fine fragrance will fit every occasion and will be appreciated by the recipient. In a survey we undertook in 2018 among 500UK respondents 97% of women and 95% of men appreciated receiving SANGADO fragrance as a gift and our product was rated higher vs. 15 other products in diverse categories (some of which are at higher price points). Moreover, our gift evoked positive emotions in the recipient’s mind (associations such as memories, closeness, beauty, love, fashion).